Introducing Manhole Inspections for Heathrow Airport

We’ve got some exciting news! If you do utility surveys for Heathrow, your life’s about to get a lot easier.

Based on Heathrow’s “Survey Content Specification” document, we’ve added a new form to the Manhole Inspection app containing only the data fields as laid out the spec.

Heathrow's Survey Content Specification

The standard Manhole and Inspection Chamber forms in the current app already cover most of the required data points. However, the way Heathrow request separate depths and diameters from the details of the pipes themselves caused some new challenges. The existing forms aren’t quite set up for this, so we decided to build a new one from scratch.

Alongside adding new data fields, we created a brand new version of the Chamber Sketch component. Surveyors can now quickly create grids of numbered ducts with a few taps and position them on an exploded chamber.

Heathrow Chamber Sketch

Any updates to an app always drive changes to the web portal as well. Now, clicking on any manholes uploaded from the Heathrow form will take you to specialised overview and editing screens. As with the app forms, they contain only the data as specified in the content document.

Like existing manhole data, each field is editable, you can still import coordinates via CSV file and upload your own photos and sketch if needs be.

And of course, we have a new PDF manhole card template to export all your data to.

The layout follows the spec document as closely as possible. The updated chamber sketch get pulled in, plus a bit more space for two external/location photographs as well as internal photographs of each face of the chamber.

For a full run through of all the features, see this YouTube video:

These changes are live on the Play Store and App Store now.

App Customisation

As mentioned above, the standard Manhole and Inspection Chamber forms in the public version of the Manhole Inspection app can record pretty much anything you could ever wish to capture about a manhole.

However most surveyors don’t need to fill in every data field for their particular purposes. This can add the additional overhead of having to remember which ones are needed and which can be ignored.

If this is the case then SurvAid offer custom apps bespoke to individual companies. We can build forms that contain only the fields required for your purposes and distribute them exclusively to members of your team.

These custom forms work in exactly the same way as the new Heathrow form. So, if you try that and feel you could do with the same for your operations, get in touch and let’s see what we can come up with!

If you’re new to SurvAid, start a free trial and see how much time you could save generating manhole cards.