We are SurvAid


We are on a journey to consistently creating better solutions for land surveyors

From talking to surveyors at the coal face as well as industry experts and influencers, we know there is a current problem – limitations brought about what surveyors are capturing on site and the way they are capturing it.

We have already developed, tried and tested a solution that is being used routinely by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Plowman Craven, Malcolm Hughes, Utility Mapping and Storm Geomatics.

Our solution allows surveyors to:

Capture data using our mobile apps on-site,
Process data that is organised, searchable and ready for editing in to our cloud based web portal,
Export data at the click of a mouse, directly to their customer (or another system).

Our solution ultimately enables surveyors to provide better value for their customers.

But we aren’t finished and we aren’t standing still.  As we continue to talk to our customers and industry experts and influencers, more and more ideas from simple to ground-breaking solutions are coming through, and we are consistently exploring those to make them a reality.