We are SurvAid


We are on a journey to consistently creating better solutions for land surveyors

From talking to surveyors at the coal face as well as industry experts and influencers, we know there is a current problem – limitations brought about what surveyors are capturing on site and the way they are capturing it.

We have already developed, tried and tested a solution that is being used routinely by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Plowman Craven, Malcolm Hughes, Utility Mapping and Storm Geomatics.

Our solution allows surveyors to:

Capture data using our mobile apps on-site,
Process data that is organised, searchable and ready for editing in to our cloud based web portal,
Export data at the click of a mouse, directly to their customer (or another system).

Our solution ultimately enables surveyors to provide better value for their customers.

But we aren’t finished and we aren’t standing still.  As we continue to talk to our customers and industry experts and influencers, more and more ideas from simple to ground-breaking solutions are coming through, and we are consistently exploring those to make them a reality.

How It Works

1. Capture data

Using SurvAid mobile apps on-site

Standardise data capture on-site,
text entry and sketch components,
immediate visibility.

2. Process data

Using the SurvAid cloud based web portal

Organised, searchable, editable data,
available to anybody in your organisation,
import CSVs from total stations and other equipment.

3. Export data

At the click of a mouse

Generate PDF deliverables
(using built-in or custom templates)
and / or CSVs (to import to other systems).
Impress with your survey data.


– Record details for manholes and ICs
– Take multiple geo-tagged photos
– Drag ‘n’ drop chamber sketch
– Import CSV with cover coordinates and levels
– Invert levels automatically calculated
– Create manhole cards at the click of a button

PGM Manager

– Record details for every PGM
– Show position on a map
– Drag ‘n’ drop location sketch
– Import CSV with coordinates
– Create witness diagrams at the click of a button
– Built-in templates for Network Rail and Environment Agency

Complete end-to-end management of site data

  • Data exported from apps instantly via web browser
  • Everything organised and searchable by job number
  • All fields editable (including uploading custom images if required)
  • Import CSV files with coordinates and level data
  • Export PDF and CSV files using built in templates, or we can customise them to your needs
  • Searchable map by place name and postcode to find historical data


With our free apps available to download and built in PDF templates you can start using SurvAid straight away without any initial setup time or costs.

However, if you’d prefer to tailor the software to your individual needs then there are a number of customisation options available to streamline your workflow and become even more productive.

  • PDF templates – we can recreate any designs you already have (or help you create new ones) and build them into the system so you can produce the same deliverables as you do right now
  • Apps – some customers prefer to specify the app fields needed for their particular workflow. Bespoke apps allow you to fine-tune your processes and feed them into the SurvAid platform just as the main apps do
  • Web – if you think the layout of the data in the web portal could be better displayed and arranged for your needs, that can be tailored to your exact specifications, for all users who log in to your company account
  • CSV – do you need to export data out of SurvAid and into another system like CAD, GIS etc? If the standard CSV export isn’t suitable we can produce files with just the right fields and headers


As well as our existing apps, there are more planned for the future. We’re already talking to people about things like…

• Shift Reports
• Toolbox Talks
• Site Assessments
• Close Calls

…and more, so if you’re interested in any of those, or have any ideas of your own we’d love to hear from you!