Organised by job number

  • All data automatically organised by job number
  • Quickly filter the list using the search box to quickly navigate to the job you want
  • Data appears as soon as it’s exported from apps so work progress can be seen immediately

Everything for a job in one place

  • Items displayed in a list or on a map (based on GPS coordinates)
  • Click on an item to display all relevant details
  • All photos and sketches linked to the data
  • All fields editable
  • Upload your own photos and drawings if required

Massively reduced processing time

  • Batch update certain fields (e.g Project Name) across all items in a job
  • Import a CSV file containing level and position data from total stations etc
  • Invert levels automatically calculator for manhole data
  • Easily see which data has been exported
  • “Checked by” field to show data has been reviewed

Generate deliverables at the click of a mouse

  • Generate PDF documents individually, select items to export in batches, or do the whole lot in one go
  • Use our built-in templates, or we can add your own custom designs
  • Export one large, multi-page PDF or individual ones packaged into a zip file
  • Also export to CSV to import data into other systems*
  • Export images only, named by ID*

*currently only available for manhole data

Complete end-to-end solution

  • Transfer data to other companies who also use SurvAid (or have sub-contractors transfer data to you)
  • Search the database by postcode or place name to find previously recorded data and see the results on a map
  • Each item has a complete audit trail for who did what when
  • Add and manage unlimited users
  • View charts and data of usage statistics over time